About u

Hi! We're Rob and Ati Williams, owners of residential real estate brokerage DC Home Buzz and renovation aficionados. We reside in Washington, DC with our toddler Amelia and our pup Cooper, in a century old rowhouse that was a six year renovation project. Over the past decade, we have completed over two dozen real estate renovations. Prior to moving into our current home, we moved four times over the course of five years! We'd move into homes, renovate them and then put them on the market as rentals. 

We believe in doing work that fuels and compliments the rest of our lives. What we love most about renovations is the ability to breathe a new life into a home's old soul through tasteful and custom updates. We work long hours, but we enjoy the flexibility of being business owners and the ability to "play hookie" with our daughter in the Nation's Capital!

When we're not renovating, we love wandering through thrift shops, farmers markets and visiting little towns in our area and abroad. We love all things DC and can't wait to share our passion with you on our new HGTV pilot, DC Flippers! 

Meet Rob

Hey, I'm Rob! Prior to getting into the real estate business, I was an intelligence officer in the Marine Corps with tours of duty in Afghanistan, the Middle East, Hawaii (that one was tough!) and with the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit out of Camp Pendleton. I've run the Marine Corps Marathon three times (well...it was more a combination of running, limping, and crawling). 

My favorite renovation project was a custom built-in door that I created using 100-year-old reclaimed lumber. I'm often tasked with keeping our renovations on budget (which can sometimes be a challenge with Ati's big idea...but don't tell her I said that).

I love all things DC, except for the restaurants that exclusively serve tapas - I think they're a ripoff (but my wife loves them, so we go). What I love most about DC is the incredible diversity.  I've met great people from all walks of life while living here.

When I'm not renovating, you can find me building model RC cars and anything with Legos. 



Hiya, I'm Ati!

I became interested in real estate when I purchased my first home. After making minor renovations, I resold my home after a year and garnered $31,000 in profit. Since then, I've spent my time selling clients their dream homes and renovating homes in our Nation's Capital. 

I generally use my 300 Pinterest boards as inspiration when starting a project - it's just so great for planning! My favorite renovation was building an playhouse under the stairs for our daughter -best house I ever built. Whenever we do go over budget (I saw that, Rob) it's generally because of light fixtures.



  • I love preschool so much that sometimes I ask to go to school during the weekend. 
  • I love music and dancing, so we have lots of sing-alongs and dance parties at my house.  
  • I rode along in the stroller on every single training run my dad did when he was training for the Marine Corps Marathon.  (Even the 20 mile long ones)
  • My favorite stuffed animal is a frog. His name is Froggy (so creative). He has dinner with us every night, and I asked my mom to set a plate for him.
Coopers Picture.jpg

Woof, I'm Cooper

  • I am named after Anderson Cooper because my mama has a crush on him

  • I came from the Washington Humane Society (WHS)

  • My mama and I did 'Fashion for Paws' to raise money for WHS. I  loved strutting the runway.

  • My favorite activity is chasing squirrels in Rock Creek Park.
  • Amelia and I have a symbiotic relationship. She drops food under the table for me and I clean up.