In gorgeous Brookland

We renovated a lovely detached home with a backyard so large, you would wonder if you are really in the city. We wanted to make this house practical and pretty. 

Our three favorite things we did in the house

  • We created a wine cellar as an IKEA Hack.

  • We made window seats to take advantage of the nook in the kitchen

  • That backyard. It was crazy expensive basically trying to convert a non-functional forested slope into a usable backyard. Terracing is everything!



The Victorian Jewelbox



The challenge in this house was trying to renovate it while keeping the wood in impeccable shape. Restoring the wood was pricy (and our flooring guy said it would be cheaper to replace it), but we were not willing to do that.

Also, we created an extra chunky countertop for this project. It requires so much work that the fabricators broke the stone while installing it, and had to redo it all. 






There were lots of fights about the countertop in this house too. Ati went way over budget to try and get the giant slab. We loved doing flat front cabinets. We were so excited the day the back of the house windows were done.