Stress, budget overruns, prolonged schedules and miscommunication are all a result of inadequate planning for a renovation project. Our planning services helps you mitigate these things, saving you time, money and needless stress.


Whether you are purchasing a new house, starting a new business or renovating the home that you are in, we are available to walk through the space and consult on the potential remodel. We can help you assess renovation possibilities and offer construction advice.

Our typical consultation lasts 1 to 3 hours.

At the end of our session, you should have:

  1. An assessment of what renovation possibilities or construction advice on your renovation project.

  2. A solid sense for what you would like to see in your home or business, as well as cost-effective ways to make it happen

  3. An idea of what your budget range would be

  4. A plan on who you need to hire to execute your renovation plan.



We like to measure twice, and cut once. The time spent upfront in planning will save you a lot in the long run. We work with you and your ideas to help you come up with an executable project plan.

Our Construction Masterplan would include:

1.  Your project scope of work to be used in collecting bids.

2. A realistic draft working budget with options on how and where to save costs.

3. A timeline to be used for scheduling and bids

4. A materials list as well as potential suppliers. (this includes design services)

5. Helping you vet and build the team to handle your remodel.

We strive to help you maximize your property value in smart and sensible ways.

Want to learn how to make your next renovation project a smashing success?  Reach out to the Honeycomb team for your construction consultation and more renovation goodies.