DC Flippers

We are the Williams Family- Rob, Ati, Amelia and our doggybaby- Cooper. We live in Washington DC in a 100 year old rowhome that we have been renovating for 6 years. Before our current house, we moved 6 times in 5 years. The last project we did in our home was finally renovating our guest bath into Amelia’s bathroom. It is so nice not stepping onto a rubber ducky when you go to the bathroom. 

As a family we love to create our own traditions. Some are quirky, most are fun. We also have a running ‘Season checklist’ for places we want to go, things we want to see and do each season. Rob and Ati have not managed to go to the movies since Amelia was born, mostly because we can never agree on what to watch. Ati likes ‘movies that speak to the soul’, Rob likes ‘Sci-Fi and old movies’. However, we love to go to the Theatre, and have watched 6 shows this year. Our fav. was Annie. We cannot wait for when Amelia gets to be old enough to go with us. 

We love thrift stores. We also love visiting little towns that no one has ever heard of. We are failed minimalists. We like the idea of trying to Kondo-ize, but we also like our stuff.

In my past life I was an intelligence officer in the Marine Corps
I have done the Marine Corps Marathon three times. 
I have a really cool collection of Model Trains
I love ramen noodles
I hate restaurants that serve tapas.They basically charge you the price of a full plate, and ask you to share 2 to 3 per person. Ripoff!
I sold my motorcycle last year. 
I commuted by bike the last 2 years, but finally got a car.

I have close to 300 pinterest boards
I would love to have a crafting room in my next life
I own a gazillion dresses and only three pairs of pants (and they are yoga pants). I like the ease of not having to think about what pairs with what. 
I own an awful lot of makeup for someone who hardly ever wears makeup
My favorite project was a playhouse we built for our kiddo
I always go over budget on light fixtures
What I love about DC is that : People are really smart. 

I love preschool so much that sometimes I ask to go to school during the weekend. 
I love music, so every evening I have a sing-along with my parents during dinner. 
I love dance parties and I make everyone join me.
I love to sing, and my parents cringe when they hear me wake up 2 am and sing baa baa black sheep for two hours. 
My favorite stuffed animal is a frog. His name is Froggy (so creative). He has dinner with us every night, and I asked my mom to set a plate for him.