We know how busy life can get. From hectic work schedules to raising families, you probably don’t have the time to appear onsite at your renovation project every day, let alone to manage the millions of details your home renovation requires.

With years of project management under our belts, we will be your eyes and ears at your home renovation site, even when you can’t be there.

Our project management process includes:

·       Contractor Management: We keep in personal contact with all the contracting companies working on your home and make sure they are meeting Honeycomb’s standards of quality. We work in communicating your needs to the contractor, help with decisions and can make suggestions if needed. We ensure plumbers, electricians, and other specialists are working in synergy instead of at odds with each other.

·       Project Schedule: Every project needs a timeline and schedule. Without these, renovation projects could take much longer to finish. We make sure team members and contractors complete their jobs promptly.

·       Payments and Vendors: We help you create and manage payment schedules before starting the project to ensure that team members get paid per the project scope and goalposts. We help in keeping on top of the paperwork like lien releases etc.

·       Diffusing Problems: Like in most areas of life, problems arise without warning. If we encounter an issue during your home renovation project, we will intercede for you and work on diffusing them, so you don’t have to.

If you would like to schedule a call, then contact the Honeycomb pros today! We can’t wait to chat with you on all things home renovation.