Ati here.

I have always been really interested in Pantone's predictions for 'Color of the Year'. 

2013- Emerald. LOVED!!!! I still do.

In 2014 came the year of Radiant Orchid. (Or pukey purple). I was holding off on decorating Amelia' nursery, because I wanted to find out what 2014's color will be, and had 'committed' to use it. Imagine my disdain when they made the announcement. Either way, I made it work with some yellow, grey and Radiant Orchid. 2015- Marsala aka Redskins Red. Lets just say I was glad Amelia was not born in 2015. I thought it was great for fashion, but tough to pull off with home decor. Enough has been said about 2016's Rose Quartz and Serenity (aka baby shower blue, and baby shower pink), so we will leave it at that. 

I was really gunning for a Hunter Green for 2017, but then came Greenery. I like it. I don't love it, but I like it. Maybe my expectations were lot after rosy and bluey in 2016. Maybe it just leaves a lot of room for creativity!


We are doing a show with HGTV

So wild!  Rob and Ati are going to be doing an HGTV show. This process started almost exactly a year ago, when we got a call from a local production company- Half Yard Productions.  The initial conversation was about a potential how for our Real Estate Brokerage. As we continued our casual, we started talking about other things we do, like our renovation project. They asked us if we had any other projects going on, and we said we did. However, since we were on vacation in California, it would have to wait until we got back to show them the project. 

Fast forward to January, the fun folks at Half Yard came over to our project on the day that we were staging the project. We had a 'leisurely conversation' where we chatted about what we did on the renovation, and they just let the cameras roll. They used this content to create a 'Sizzle' (fancy word for demo tape) which was then presented to HGTV. 

Imagine our surprise when we received a call in April that HGTV wanted to work with us on a Pilot! Literally for day we kept asking our production team- "what does it mean that they want to do a show?". We weren't sure if as a family we wanted to 'disrupt' our sleepy lives and do this. We were able to consult with people near and dear to us, and then decided to give it a go. 

You know what we did this summer? We filmed the pilot, and even though there were some very, very long days- we had the best time. The production team was AMAZING, and we enjoyed just hanging out with them. They told us to just be our normal selves as they let the camera role. Everything we wanted in terms of authenticity, accurate description of the good and the bad of renovation and emotion, they were able to capture. No.... the cameras don't disappear (at least not in our case), we always knew they were there, and we were mic'ed, but it did not stop us from just 'doing our thing'. 

We got word that HGTV is going to air our pilot on Dec 22nd (sneak peak), and Jan 8th. Yes, we still think it is HILARIOUS that we will be on television, but we are very, very excited. 

Thank you so much to our production team and crew, Kelly, Jordana, Sean, Agatha, Chris, Zach, Spencer, Thomas, Jim, Matt, Kathleen, Abby and Victoria and of course Taylor for thinking we are cool enough to be on TV. Thank you Kemy, Abdul & Co (at Universal), Igor at ZD Touch, Mogee (MGL Granite), Zeek. We may have forgotten someone, but we are truly grateful to be in your team. 

DC Flippers

We are the Williams Family- Rob, Ati, Amelia and our doggy baby- Cooper. We live in Washington DC in a 100 year old row home that we have been renovating for 6 years. Before our current house, we moved 6 times in 5 years. The last project we did in our home was finally renovating our guest bath into Amelia’s bathroom.